Best Car Speakers In 2017 – Buying Guide

Car speakers are undeniably an essential car accessory. Car audio system is a vital part of vehicles. A set of best car speakers is important if one is looking to upgrade the sound of the car stereo. Top car speakers increase the clarity of the music along with increasing the volume and also decrease the distortion, which is a complete win-win situation for the music lovers. Researching about the car speakers is essential before diving down on straight to purchasing the speakers. 

Best Car Speakers

Best Car Speakers

Sound preference, style, quality, price and features vary amongst the best car speakers.6.5” is the most typical size of car speakers amongst all car speaker sizes. No matter what frequency – low or high, it can easily be replicated by the scale of these speakers. These speakers are also known for their versatile functions as they provide ample power without compromising on the audio quality. There are speakers with traditional technology and some of the new technological advancements that make a difference in their structure and overall performance.

To help you in making better decisions for your car, we have done extensive research and created a list of top 10 best car speakers of 2017. Read through our detailed reviews to make an informed decision.

NameItem WeightWattage 
Kicker 40CS654 6.5 Inch 2-Way 3 pounds100 watts Check Price
Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime4.6 pounds45 watts Check Price
JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way5 pounds180 watts Check Price
Infinity Reference 6500CX2 pounds Check Price
Alpine SPR-60C 6.5” Car Audio System2 pounds Check Price
Polk Audio MM651
4.4 pounds200 watts Check Price
Pioneer TS-A1685R4.9 pounds60 watts Check Price
Polk Audio DB6515 pounds60 watts Check Price
Rockford Fosgate P165 Punch 5.8 pounds Check Price
10. XS-65 – Image Dynamics9 pounds Check Price

Here Is The List Of Top Car Speakers

1. Kicker 40CS654 6.5 Inch 2-Way Speakers

Kicker 40CS654 6.5 Inch 2-Way Speakers

Kicker produces high-performance car audio. Kicker CS series are great car speakers at a super affordable price. Kicker CS is a great car speaker when it comes to sound quality and price affordability. Kicker 40CS654 is a speaker that will not make a hole in your pocket all the while giving a huge boost to the music quality. This speaker is a tough one when it comes to its make.

It comprises of a 6-1/2" polypropylene woofer that is surrounded with polyester foam which helps in making this speaker a tough one. The instrumental and vocal details that assist in bringing the music to life is taken care of by the PEI balanced dome tweeter sized at only 1/2”. These speakers if connected to an external amplifier will rock even more.


  • 100 Watts RMS Per Speaker
  • 300 Watts Peak Power Per Speaker
  • Kicker 40CS654 CS65 6.5" 6-1/2" 300 Watt 4-Ohm 2-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers
  • Surprisingly good sounding coaxial for easy drop-in
  • Relaxed fit into any vehicle because of it’s reduced-depth basket
  • Polyester foam surrounded polypropylene woofer
  • Frequency response: 40-20,000 Hz


  • Does not work well on all vehicles
  • The woofer could have been constructed better

Kicker 40CS654 6.5 inch 2-Way Speakers can easily be fitted to any vehicle as it has a reduced depth basket. The reduced depth basket is a great feature not linked directly to the music quality but to the ease of switching from one vehicle to another. These speakers also come with a 1-year warranty which provides the ease of return and exchange in case of any technical glitch in the audio system unit. You can also increase the warranty period to 2-3 years by paying a little extra.

The speaker package comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Kicker CS65 6-1/2" Coaxial Speakers with Polypropylene Woofer Cones (Pair)
  • Mounting hardware, wiring harness
  • Owner's manual

These speakers have many good reviews online and totally deserve ten on 10. They are easy to install and are well made. Their sound quality is excellent given that it is pushed by an inexpensive Pioneer head unit. All you would need for a set-up is a drill, and that is in case the factory mounting holes don’t line up. Just connect it to an amplifier for the mind-blowing sound quality of a super expensive speaker. The CS-Series Component Speaker Systems delivers acclaimed KICKER performance and durability.

Go through our other suggestions to make a great decision for excellent audio quality, but this one is a keeper for all your vehicles.

2. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime

Rockford Fosgate's Prime Series R165X3 6-3/4" provides excellent audio quality for any vehicle. Whether you are replacing those burned out speakers or installing your first audio system in the car for that upbeat sound, Rockford Fosgate’s R165X3 Prime series offers powerful and clean performance that will keep you and the company rocking as one whirl around one’s vehicle.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime

The most important aspect of buying Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is that it does not make a hole in one’s pocket for the excellent audio quality that it provides. It is thus a splendid factory replacement. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 also adds a piezo super tweeter to give a little extra detail to the sound aspects.

The better the components, the more details one gets in the sound quality. Each polypropylene woofer cone that is attached to the 6-3/4” speaker delivers strong bass and drums along with an excellent reproduction of the midrange frequencies. There is no harshness in the audio, but the silk dome tweeter and the super tweeter add the excitement to the music quality as it adds a strong high-frequency response to the quality of the overall system. The frequencies going to each driver system is divided by the built-in crossover network so that all the music plays along nicely. Grilles come included with this music system. It is rated one of the best car speakers of 2017 because of its affordability, quality, and reviews.


  • Frequency response: 52-20,000 Hz
  • Rubber surround for each polypropylene woofer cone
  • Piezo super tweeter
  • ½” silk dome tweeter
  • 90 Watts RMS per speaker


  • Sound can get distorted if too loud
  • Installation a little tricky

The speaker package comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Two 3-way speakers
  • Two Grilles
  • Eight Speed clips
  • Eight 1-1/4” self-tapping screws
  • Two 15’ length of speaker wire
  • Installation manual in multiple languages

Though there are many speakers on the market today that would come under the heading of the best car speakers, however only a few have the real capacity to make it on that list, and this one surely is a part of the list of best car speakers.

3. JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

JBL has always been famous when it comes to rich and detailed sound quality. And JBL with its all new GTO638 has only improved its performance. The GTO638 comes equipped with a My-Ti super tweeter that helps in producing frequencies as high as the home sound system. The super tweeter blends seamlessly with the woofer thus delivering excellent power handling. Along with using the high frequencies provided by the super tweeter GTO638 also uses Plus One woofer cone for some serious bass.

It is not very common to find details in a car audio system, but this one is an exception. The Plus One woofer cone has about 25% more of an active surface area as compared to the many competing models and is exceptionally lightweight too. The GTO638 comes equipped with high bandwidth and a textile dome tweeter.

GTO638 uses built-in crossover network which is made up of advanced low-pass and high-pass filters, thus creating a smooth transition between the tweeter and the woofer. The crossover produces a sound so lifelike and natural that it feels like one is watching a real life performance from the passenger seat. The GTO638 sound system is also very easy to install with its patented Intermount III mounting system. One can fit the GTO638 using the JBL installation rings which come included in the package. The GTO638 is also very compatible with most of the factory installed audio systems and head units. Also, installing the JBL’s GTO638 does not require any special equipment or tools, and one can begin to listen to the super great sounding music almost instantly. GTO638 uses a lower-impedance voice coil as compared to a regular speaker to get the most performance and power from all amplifiers that are engineered to drive loads of 4 ohms or less.


  • Plus One patented woofer cone
  • Woofer cone surrounded by rubber
  • Built-in crossover network provides excellent sound quality
  • 6-1/2 / 6-3/4-inch three-way loudspeaker
  • My-Ti (Mylar-titanium) super tweeter
  • Two-inch mounting depth
  • Super easy to install
  • 2-ohm impedance


  • The construction could have been made better
  • Sound quality is not the best

The speaker package comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Two GTO638 speakers
  • Two grilles
  • Four sets of speaker wires
  • Two mounting brackets
  • 16 Screws
  • Owner’s manual

JBL has always been at the forefront of the technology related to audio systems be it for movie theaters or concert venues. JBL has recently started delving into the vehicle audio systems market and is doing great by providing high output, long life and super great bass response sound systems. Purchasing GTO638 for one’s vehicle is super affordable, and we cannot begin to inform you of all the great reviews it receives. It might just be one of the best decisions for your car and your ears. So do not think twice before making a purchase of GTO638 and get set to blast out those new speakers in the car.

4. Infinity Reference 6500CX

Infinity is a great brand when it comes to car audio industry and also offers many different types of speakers and carries various models under each category. Infinity’s new Reference series is one of their best and most efficient line of audio system series. The Infinity Reference 6500CX is simplicity at its best and ease. The Infinity Reference 6500CX’s design is very straightforward and stark but without any faults or loopholes. Infinity speakers seem like they cannot have a bad review at all. Infinity manufactures quality sound systems at very affordable prices. Infinity sound systems have a long tradition of reliability and good quality. It is not by sheer coincidence that Infinity speakers have some of the best car speaker reviews in the market. The Infinity Reference 6500CX is a well-engineered set of sound system for your vehicle and can easily be termed as one of the best car speakers available in the market today.

Infinity Reference 6500CX car speakers.jpg

There are not many bad reviews that you will find for any of the Infinity products leave alone The Infinity Reference 6500CX. However, in comparison to other speakers who fall in the similar range of quality and affordability, we believe that the bass response could be better. But it is any day a great deal for what one pays. Infinity provides superior sonic experience at very affordable and competitive prices. It is one of the known iconic brands in the car audio industry.

Mounting the tweeters at the right place in the car will give you a sound so spectacular and so naturally clear that one would not feel the sound coming from the speaker. The Starfish brackets that come along with the Infinity speakers allow for easy installation of the tweeters in the tweeter openings from many different factories.

The Infinity Reference 6500CX use ¾” textile dome tweeters provide extremely clear music without sounding harsh. These tweeters can either be surface mounted or flash-mounted using the mounting cups that come along with the speaker package. Also, the Infinity Reference 6500CX speakers have the capacity to handle 90 watts on a continuous or frequent basis and are very responsive.


  • Peak: 270 watts each
  • RMS: 90 Watts each
  • Tweeter Size: 1"
  • Top-Mount Depth: 2-1/16."
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB


  • A little difficult to install
  • Does not come with speaker wire or harness

The speaker package comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Two 6 ½” woofers
  • Two ¾”uni-pivot tweeters
  • Two universal mounting brackets
  • Two component crossovers
  • Two pivoting tweeter mounts
  • Two fixed tweeter mounts
  • Two customizable tweeter mounts
  • Two infinity badges for use with factory grilles

The speaker package, however, does not come with any wiring harnesses or speaker wire, so one needs to make sure to have some of the wiring stuff if one plans on installing these on one’s own.

5. Alpine SPR-60C 6.5” Car Audio System

Alpine SPR-60C 6.5” Car Audio System

The majority of the speakers in the market have the capabilities to produce a loud sound, but only a handful of them can reproduce a sound that is sharp and clear and can handle the enormous amount of power. Alpine’s R series of speakers provide robust performance and excellent bass response. When one upgrades one’s speakers to Alpine’s R series, one can hear the balance that perfectly aligns the power with control. The R series of Alpine comes with a small Neodymium Magnet that allows for an even smaller speaker dimension thus befitting the famous proverb of small is better.

The small dimension size makes it incredibly easy to install in a wide variety of factory unit heads and different vehicles. One also gets to control them and their performance due to their compact size. They are also very light in weight as compared to the other speakers which use the standard magnets.

The Alpine R series which includes the Alpine SPR-60C is made up of HD Polymer frame that makes the speaker’s structure lighter in weight, stronger and easier to install. The polymer frame is a revolution in the car speaker industry as the traditional speakers used to rely on steel that would make the speaker’s structure heavier and larger in size. But thanks to the new technology to provide us with a super light-weight yet durable speaker structure at an affordable price. Another great feature of the R series of Alpine car speaker system is its Wave Guide technology that enhances in-car sound dispersion and cuts down on distortion. The Wave Guide technology is available in the R series in the form of a plug located in the center of the woofer cone.

The Alpine SPR-60C delivers plenty of basses and can handle plenty of volumes but works exceptionally well when connected to an exterior amplifier. Also, the system’s silk tweeters help in bringing out the music’s details with no shrillness as they produce the smooth highs. Also, the tweeters are both mounted in separate ways so one can focus the sound as per one’s seating position. Alpine SPR is an audio system with no bad car speaker review.


  • Peak: 660 watts per set / 330 watts each side
  • RMS: 110 Watts each
  • Frequency Response: 65Hz – 29,000 Hz
  • Mounting Depth: 2-3/8-inch
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB
  • 1” silk dome tweeter
  • External crossovers


  • Crisp clarity seems like a struggle
  • Harsh upper mids

The speaker package comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Two woofers
  • Two 6-1/2" Adapter rings
  • Two woofer grilles
  • Two grille badges
  • Two tweeters with 29" length of wire
  • Two tweeter grilles
  • Two crossovers - each with 32" input and 12" output wires
  • Eight 1-1/8" self-tapping screws
  • Eight 1/2" screws
  • 8 speed-clips
  • Two pieces of two-sided tape
  • Owner’s manual

The Alpine SPR-60C is one of the best car speakers in the market and has also made its name on many lists of the best car speaker of 2017. How can it not be, with all the features and new and latest technology in its engineering?

6. Polk Audio MM651

Talking about the top car speakers, one cannot miss the Polk Audio. The MM651 is specifically for you if you like to play it loud. The Polk Audio MM651 is a very affordable and budget friendly speaker system that is very high powered and will deliver those high decibels when you want. The Polk Audio MM651 comes with a three-digit nominal power which is extremely rare to see in a budget-friendly speaker system. The Polk Audio MM651 is made up of a 30mm voice coil along with Neodymium Magnets that help in maintaining the compact size all the while providing the clear, loud music.

Polk Audio MM651 6.5 Inches Coaxial Loudspeaker- Black

The 30mm voice coil allows for the triple digit power rating. Also, the speaker comes with the ability to handle high power due to the impedance of 2.7 ohms. SO this car speaker system receives a ten on ten for its power rating.

The Polk Audio MM651 also comes with a silk dome tweeter and a light woven-glass-cone on the woofer. Woven Glass Cones feature stiffness-to-mass ratio. Lower mass means finer details and faster transients.

However, these Polk speakers are designed to be used with an external amplifier. Coming to the style and aesthetics of the Polk Audio MM651, we believe that the speaker system looks very cool with its grille design which appears to be a cog wheel around the tweeter with outward extending spokes. It seems to be a very futuristic design. The installation and portability are not an issue with this Polk Audio MM651 as it standard dimensions of four point mounting. Also, the grille that holds the speaker is held in place by screws so one can be sure that the grille will not fall off. The Polk Audio MM651 is on the list of both a car audio system and a marine system. These speakers are salt water proof and also UV proof. One also needs to take care not to damage or pierce the cone as most of the woofer cone is exposed. But overall, it’s got good durability.


  • Certified for marine use
  • Two external crossovers for better clarity
  • RMS: 15-100 Watts
  • Frequency response: 40-25,000 Hz


  • Can result in malfunction in tweeters sometimes
  • Tweeters can melt and come apart in time

The speaker package comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Two 2-way 6.75" speakers
  • Two grilles
  • Two mounting ring adapters
  • Two crossovers with wire attached
  • Four Phillips-head screws
  • Eight hex-head screws
  • Eight-speed clips
  • Owner's manual

Polk Audio has always been at the cutting edge of the new technological advancements, and its Mobile Monitor series or MM series sounds even better than its previous series along with looking great. The MM series uses Neodymium Magnets that help in saving weight and space as it allows for the structure to be compact and lightweight, which then allows for the speakers to be more portable and have the ability fit in more vehicles all the while delivering spectacular sound. Also, the carbon frames provide flex-free and strong support for the assembling of the speaker motors.

We can go on and on about how great this speaker is but we will not do any justice by just writing about it. You need to go out and check this one of the best car speakers for yourself.

7. Pioneer TS-A1685R

When thinking about buying yourself the best car speaker, look no further than this A series from Pioneer. The A series is a solution for replacing those factory speakers which are now worn-out with speakers that are high performance and top-notch quality. Pioneer speakers help in bringing out the life to the music that might appear to be dull in that old car audio system. Pioneer sound system allows for clarity of powerful drums, clear vocals and distinct bass lines that seem hidden with those factory speakers. Thus, Pioneer TS-A1685R car audio system gets you more out of your favorite music as compared to those sub-par ones.

 Pioneer TS-A1685R

Pioneer TS-A1685R is composed of a cone that is made up of multilayer matrix that is very rigid that resists the warping but is soft enough to produce smooth mids during playback. The Wave Guide Technology is used by the soft dome tweeter to increase the sensitivity and thus provides exceptional high-frequency spectrum. Also, the crossover network creates a blend between the tweeter and the mid-woofer that helps in creating a balanced sound throughout the frequency range. Pioneer TS-A1685R is designed to make sure that you get to hear every note of the music that is playing as the speaker is designed with wide frequency response.

Also, the voice coil helps in reducing the distortion by dissipating the heat due to its quality of being a high-temperature voice coil, which thus protects the investment for a long time. Pioneer TS-A1685R will sound even better if connected to an external amplifier or an aftermarket receiver. You will no longer have to drive with dissipating or distorted sounds when you have Pioneer TS-A1685R installed in your vehicle.

Pioneer TS-A1685R combines many materials to develop a diaphragm of extra rigidity and lightness to reproduce clarity of the sound.


  • Wave Guide Technology
  • Mica Matrix multilayer woofer
  • High-temperature voice coil
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • RMS: 350 Watts peak


  • Not very affordable for everyone
  • Some distortion when music is too loud

The speaker package comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Two 4-way speakers
  • Two grilles
  • Eight self-tapping screws of 1.”
  • Two 12” lengths of speaker wire
  • Eight-speed clips
  • Owner’s manual

Pioneer TS-A1685R is a great speaker series if one wants to have excellent sound clarity at a budget friendly price. There are speakers in the market which might give you even better sound clarity, but they do make a hole in one’s pocket. Pioneer TS-A1685R, one of the best car speakers of 2017 comes at a great deal with all its features and the price range. It also comes with all the latest technological advancements that one will find in the high-end speakers.

8. Polk Audio DB651

Another one of the great speakers on the list of best car speakers – The Polk Audio DB651. The Polk Audio is the most affordable audio system brand that also comes with a lot of features that provide spectacular sound quality with zero distortion. When one hears the music through Polk Audio’s DB series, good music becomes even greater. Polk Audio employees some of the best engineers out there who use laser imaging to figure out the ideal combinations of designs and material to eliminate distortion and improve sound clarity.

Polk Audio DB651

The resulting technology that the engineers found produces the audio systems with sharp detail, and ability to play loud music without any strain and smooth frequency response. Imagine getting all these features at a very affordable price! Well, it is the truth without any exaggeration. So don’t wait up for anyone and get it for your car beast.

Need more convincing? Polk Audio DB651 speakers come with 6 ½” woofers that are made up of mica composite and are surrounded by durable rubber so that they don’t fall apart under pressure from moisture, heat or time. The rubber surround gives the speakers an edge over the erosion over the period by protecting them in a niche. Another great technology is the liquid cooled silk dome tweeter that uses Neodymium magnets who then deliver high-frequency reproduction of the music details. Polk Audio DB651 uses this technology. One can also pivot the tweeters in the direction of your ears for improved audio system imaging. The built-in crossovers maintain the proper flow of high and low frequencies to the appropriately designated drivers for efficient audio.

Polk Audio DB651 features muscular grilles and stainless steel mounting material that adds to the interior appeal of the car. The speakers come equipped with adapter rings, and these enable the Polk Audio DB651 speakers to fit into both 6 ¾” and 6 ½” openings thus these can be easily installed into the many BMWs, Audis amongst many other European makes.

There are not many cons of the Polk Audio DB651 that can be listed in the review. However, the sound does not live up to the high-end speakers. It also tends to get a little distorted at high volume. But besides that the sound is excellent.


  • Neodymium tweeter magnet
  • Kapton voice coil
  • Dynamic Balance mica composite woofer
  • RMS: 180 Watts peak


  • No apparent bass
  • Sound quality not the best

The speaker package comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Two 2-way speakers
  • Two grilles
  • Eight self-tapping screws
  • Eight-speed clips
  • Eight adapter brackets
  • Two foam rubber gaskets

Top car speakers often come fitted with the essential features along with being on a budget. As mentioned above, these are not the best of brands for the car audio systems, but they are good enough to the limit of providing clear sounds with almost zero distortion levels. And although they come with one year warranty, the bigger brand’s audio systems might come with more years of warranty at no extra expense. But they cost a lot more as well. The Polk Audio does a great job at its price.

9. Rockford Fosgate P165 Punch

Rockford Fosgate P165 Punch

The Prime series of Rockford Fosgate feature excellent upgrade to the previously owned car factory installed speakers with its affordable price. The overall sound quality is exquisite though the midrange is average and the high-end is poor. However, still being rated as one of the best car speakers, it is not for those who want to turn it up a lot. Not being able to turn it up is what Rockford Fosgate P165’s downside is – its low power handling rating.

For people who just need to replace their factory installed the speaker with a great sounding speaker, will certainly find this Rockford Fosgate series of a lot of benefits. The Rockford Fosgate P165 comes with a Flex Fit basket which makes it extremely compatible to fit in oddly shaped locations of the factory installed speakers. Also, the built-in crossovers make sure to reproduce the sound with extreme clarity and doing away with most distortion.

Rockford Fosgate P165 speakers are each composed of polypropylene cone that is surrounded by rubber making it stable to stand long hours of loud volume music. Also, when the bass gets heavy, the dome tweeter provides clear highs that can hold on its own. Rockford also uses the latest technology that gives up approximately 25 percent of the cone area for greater performance and fuller sound. Also, the frame is surrounded by slots that eliminate the need to re-drill the holes when factory holes are off by a bit. There are also adapter plates that come along in the packaging of this Rockford Fosgate P165 speaker, and they allow the speaker structure to fit into multi-dimensional openings.

There are not a lot of cons that can be mentioned about Rockford Fosgate P165 but if anything the power handling could be better. But the overall audio system quality is very spectacular. Rockford Fosgate Prime series comes with the flat black sleek design with brightly colored dome tweeters. Each of the Rockford Fosgate P165 series speakers has a polypropylene woofer that is vacuum formed, silk dome tweeters and steel frame. The overall look and appeal of the Rockford Fosgate P165 is certainly high-end and is one of the most affordable car speakers of 2017.


  • Polypropylene mineral-filled woofer
  • RMS: 110 Watts peak
  • Vertical Attach Surround Technique increases cone area


  • Not very efficient if you want a big sound from the amp
  • The sound might get shriek sometimes

The speaker package comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Two 2-way speakers
  • Two grilles
  • Two adapter brackets
  • Eight head screws of 1 ¼.”
  • Eight-speed clips
  • Owner’s manual

10. XS-65 – Image Dynamics

Image Dynamics has recently launched its flagship series speakers – XS. The XS-65 is engineered to produce the sound performance that is without the doubt the best in the industry in the affordable price range and is built to deliver high fidelity unique sound. The XS series of Image Dynamics elevates the audio performance of the car speakers to a whole new level. The XS series represents Image Dynamics’s craftsmanship and expertise. The XS series has a seamless blending of the highs and mids, precise dynamics of midbass and a smooth and flat response from the tweeters.

XS-65 – Image Dynamics

The Image Dynamics XS-65 demonstrates an incredible focus, accuracy, and clarity that is unmatched in the car audio system world. The Image Dynamics XS-65 comes with multiple tweeter mounting options.


  • Fiberglass composite non–resonant basket
  • RMS: 250 Watts peak
  • Multi-layer ceramic fiber and Rohacell composite cones
  • Neodymium Magnet Structure


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Installation might be tricky with multiple tweeter mountings

Frequently asked questions about car speakers

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So, we have reviewed the top ten best car speakers in a very affordable price range. It might already be difficult for you to choose a great sounding car audio system, but our reviews above might help you decide better and invest in a sound system that will feel like a good investment. Most of the speakers in the pocket-friendly price range come with the similar features. However, there is always a difference if you read closely. Also, when talking about the investment, you get at least one year of warranty on these car audio systems, but you can always shell out a little more to get a couple of years more warranty if you just want to be safe. But overall, whichever speaker you choose, we are sure you would have done your research for the best car speakers and must have read a lot of car speaker reviews to make that informed decision.

Another important point that I wanted to add in this review is that these reviews are here to only inform you of what we think would be best for you, but you should still consider all the options you want before actually taking our word. We are here to assist you to make the right decision for the audio system investment. And we wouldn’t want to see you in a loss. So, let us know what you think about the reviews and if they help you choose a spectacular sounding audio system.


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